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I have seen some bad branding and lord knows I have seen some amazing ones, and both have the possibility to effect your visibility. We need to answer a few questions before we get into how your visibility is effected. Questions like….. Why are we messing up branding? And what is branding?

People like to think branding is just the visuals, cute stuff for your business. Many times that people like to think it’s just a logo and colors. That’s not what that is. That’s cute, but that’s not your brand. Your brand encompasses your foundational work, your voice, how you talk to people. What’s the service like? What is the client journey like? How are you making people feel when they decide to work with you? What is your framework? And then the icing on the cake, the little tip of the iceberg is the visual stuff such as your website(you know that’s my jam!!). You have to do foundational work and find your voice before you can get to the tip of the iceberg. This is why we approach web design with authenticity. First, we want your brand to be as authentic to your business as possible so that your website reflects. If your brand is on point, your website will be on point and your visibility will follow!

Why? Because people need to feel that emotion, that connection to hire. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional. Ninety mother f’ing five. So you mean to tell me that you’re okay with being cookie cutter and not showing who you are? Knowing that if people don’t connect with you emotionally, they’re not gonna purchase from you. Make it Make sense.

They’re not gonna hire your organization to help them change. Changing culture is emotional. Changing a culture in a business takes more than just a nice logo it takes a trailblazer that is not afraid to stand out. We use our Liberated Framework to create a website that get’s you seen as the trailblazer that you are, but you ain’t going to see the results with bad branding!

Your website is a piece of all the things required to solidify your brand and get you seen. Why do you need all these pieces to work? Why don’t you need it? I just told you people are emotional. 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional. Another reason why you need this is because up to 20% increase, seen in revenue when people show brand consistency. You gotta be consistent so people know who you are from the foundation to the website. 

We are living in a space and time where we have people arguing over what women should do with their bodies. People that had to make laws about African-American people, giving us the ability to wear our hair without any prejudices or being thought of it being unkempt or unprofessional. And Affirmative Action is no longer required in universities…..hello 1950’s!

We need you as a equity trailblazer to be able to step in any space and make things better overall. When you have your stuff together, cohesion gives people a warm and fuzzy, and it allows them to make decisions based on what they see. People are visual, they are drawn to things that are visually appealing. I’ve already said it increases your revenue, but it also makes you more authoritative instead vs looking like Joe Blow off the street.

You could be the best equitable changemaker, have the best framework and have the best program around, but if your brand isn’t cohesive, if your website is not professional, companies cannot take you seriously. They won’t take you seriously. Let that sink in. As we navigate through these blog post, remember to ask yourself……How has my branding effected by visibility.

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