Threads App Fosters Authenticity

I’ve jumped on the Instagram Threads app like the rest of the 30 million people in the world, and the common thread, pun intended, I see about Threads is people like it  because they finally feel like they are being seen.

They feel they want a place where they can be human. They want a place where they can feel like they be like they can be themselves. And if you are listening to the writing on the wall, people have a love hate relationship with social media. They love the opportunities that it opens up for them, but they hate the way it makes them feel.

And with the introduction of Instagram Threads, people are starting feeling a little more liberated. And you know, I’m always gonna bring this back to websites. When you have your own website, you can become visible. you can be seen, you can show up however the hell you want to when you have your own website, because you ain’t worried about what the status quo or what the norms are on the platform that you’re on. That’s the insight that I gained from this, from all the threads app hype that’s happening.

Ain’t nothing wrong with social media. Social media does afford you some opportunities, but social media also forces you to conform in different ways for the sake of visibility. Not to mention we agree to their policies when we signup. Whereas when you have your own website and your own digital space, that website you own, your digital real estate, then you’re able to, whatever you wanna do. It’s like owning your house. When you’re renting your house, you can only do so much. You can’t paint the walls, you can’t put up wallpaper. You can only do certain things. But when you own your house, you can paint every room in that house black if you want to, cuz that’s your house and that’s your business.

When you have your own web space, you can show up however you want to and become more visible. 

I know when it comes to websites, specifically WordPress, people are they little scared because they feel like they don’t have the tools, the time or the know-how to be able to get that thing up and running. They’d rather take the easy road out, which is showing up on social media, posting and praying. But is it really easier if it’s a post and pray?  I’ll wait…..

Because of this, I have created Activate,  a DIY course launching on August 4th. Activate is website launch course for non-designers.  It walks you through getting you launched in 30 days. I go all the way from the bottom from choosing your hosting, grabbing up a domain to using AI to help with your copy.

You want to feel seen. You want to be able to show up as yourself and not have to hide who you are and not be afraid of the algorithm, get a website sis!! Everyday can feel like Instagram Threads App launch day

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