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Visioning: CX Brainstorming

We help companies answer the question of- how Do WE bring our CX vision to life?

by taking the human centered approach
& building based on what is best for the customer

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Think about it, every brand starts with a vision about customer experience, but it's the how that differentiates the disasters from fortune.

According to FORBES
Of customers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties.

Organizations that ask questions & provide solutions to ensure their customer needs are anticipated will create a trustworthy brand. Trustworthiness starts with consistent interactions.   

To help them achieve this success we approach CX visioning through the lens of the customer first and then adapt it to the organizations capabilities. 

We use a three part methodology to co-create a bespoke experience for your CX Brainstorm.

These experiences are heavily focused on the "unsexy" part of CX, you know the usual - logos, fonts and colors.

The goal of a CX brainstorming experience is to create the cornerstone of what connects brand persona to your impact.

It’s about providing the aligned CX infrastructure you need to help you execute the real work. It’s about creating organization encounters that focuses on customer needs. Creating a bunch of hell yeses in authentic and ethical ways. 

The experience for each organization looks different. Here's an example of a CX Brainstorming session.

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Collecting all The Pieces

Week 1

Meeting with the key stakeholders inside your company to understand where they are in their CX process so far.

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Answering Hard Questions

Week 2

A deep dive to solidify the bottom line while laying out realistic expectations to what it will take to get your organization from idea to reality.

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Delivery of Outline

WEek 3

Your organization will be presented with an outline and high-level courses of actions on what steps to take immediately to move the bar towards execution.

We know CX Brainstorming isn’t one size fit all

We actively collaborate with teams to create action for today, plans for design tomorrow, and everything inbetween.

Lindsay has been an absolute life saver for me and my business. She works quickly and has an eye for design.

Lindsay Ganahl

Working with Lindsay and the team is nothing short of amazing. Her eye for design is unmatched & I am certain I have the most beautiful consulting website ever. Her organized process kept me at ease knowing that my vision was in good hands.

Denitresse Ferrell

Lindsay helped save me from myself. I was about to spend weeks trying to get my site ready for launching my program, but the universe sent her my way. I was able to spend time with my family instead of working on my website.

Anniedi Essien