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Refining: Fractional CXo team

As your client's needs change, your CX has to follow.

We are the team that makes it happen through fractional CXO team support.

we Do It by analyzing and refining your CX design based on data

Guess work doesn’t produce results, but heatmaps, feedback and focus groups provides us with the tools to make informed update decisions. 

Our team will meet with your organization to gain access to all your web and customer retention data. That data is gold baby!! It helps to pinpoint what needs to be refined.

Sometimes it's as simple as navigation menu tweaks.

Of visitors
Look at a sites navigation and layout when they first visit a site. Confusing navigation and layout stalls the customer journey.

Here's what the fractional CXO team process looks like

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Find The Starting Point

Week 1

Meeting with keepers of the data to see where your organization is and pinpoint CX shortfalls.

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Delivering Plan Of Action

Week 3

After the shortfalls are pinpointed we will craft a unique plan of action and timeline to implement the changes.

Execute & Launch Plan

Week 5

This is when we will take action on your CX and implement the updates. Next we will wait to view and analyze impact.

Analyze & Refine

Month 3

We go back to the data and feedback to see if the there is an improvement in impact. Check for any nuances that could use clarity. Rinse & repeat over the next 90 days

We help you have long lasting relationships
with your clients that stand the test of time.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can we continue the refining more than 6 months?

Yes, we can stay on board for more than 6 months. 6 months is the minimum.

What if we don't have data?

We will adjust your timeline to where the first three months will be to collect data on what you currently have. This will cause  our time together to be longer. 

What data tools do you reccomend?

Some of our favorite tools are Google Analytics, Hotjar and Aherf. You can check out our blog that explains why by clicking here. 

What is design based on data?

Data includes a plethora of resources, not just numbers. One of our favorite non statistical sources of data is feedback from current clients. We use the data to ensure we update based on best practices for your audience. 

Contact us to learn about how we can be a part of your starting team.

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