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More Than A Brand

The business podcast that supports your badass while you are making Generational Impact

More Than A Brand podcast is for trailblazing businesses that shakes the world in their fight for equity. Check out our latest episodes below or view our resource hub to learn more about each show, DIY tools, self paced courses and how you can build beyond the pretty stuff. 


season 4 more than a brand Business Podcast

Meet the people that make the Brand

This season, we’re diving deep into the stories of entrepreneurs who’ve chosen to align their brands with their personal identities. We’ll explore their journeys, the decisions they’ve made to prioritize authenticity, and the impact it has had on their businesses and themselves.

As your host, I’m committed to transparency and loyalty, and I’ll continue to bring that energy to our conversations. Expect to hear real, multifaceted stories from a diverse group of entrepreneurs. We’ll share laughs, maybe shed some tears, and most importantly, we’ll uncover the human elements that make a brand truly resonate.

season 3 more than a brand Business Podcast

Embracing a Soft Life & Big Girl/Boy Business

In this season I reflect on the growth and evolution of the podcast. Season one was an introduction to podcasting and honestly, when I look back on it, it kinda sucked lol.  Then we move to season two, That season  was more personal and raw.

In season three, the focus is on taking businesses to the next level by bringing in experts and moving away from hustle culture. Listeners are encouraged to embrace becoming thought leaders and not just service providers. The season will feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs who will share valuable insights and tips for running a sustainable business.

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Discovering Your Zone of Genius and Embracing Entrepreneurship

The episode delves into the experiences of high-performing women, particularly women of color, who often find themselves in situations where their ideas are credited to others. They express feeling unheard and undervalued in the workplace, leading to a sense of frustration and undervaluation.

Trust and Uncertainty: The Impact on Thought Leaders

This episode is all about thought leadership. Lindsay stresses that becoming a thought leader does not require excessive overthinking. If someone possesses extensive knowledge in their subject matter, they will naturally be recognized as a thought leader.

Understanding SEO, Beyond Keywords

There is a trifecta to use to improve the visibility of your website. Relying solely on SEO is not enough. We teach leveraging social media, SEO, and networking. The goal is to get people off social media platforms and onto the website.

Designing Based on Data, Not Feelings

In this episode, the focus is on scaling your business and strategically using your website as the heartbeat of your brand. Because of this we are not a "set it and forget it" agency. Dig into this episode to learn more.

Transforming Your Website into a Marketing Powerhouse

Your website should be doing the heavy lifting for your business. When social media was booming, so many people flocked to the ease and quick results it created and they forgot about building the foundations of their business.

From Solopreneur to CEO

Season one was an introduction to podcasting, while season two was a personal journey of overcoming challenges in her career. Now, in season three, the focus is on taking businesses to the next level with expert advice and moving away from the hustle culture.

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More Than A Brand

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