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When You’re Ready for the Whole Sha-bang

Unleashed- The ultimate DFY experience that takes your website responsibilities off your plate and increases your visibility.


Imagine this:

You’re in a room, networking, rubbing elbows, and all that jazz. And a damn good potential client asks for your info.
They want to look you up. Check you out. Explore your website to get to know you a little.
But you hesitate handing over your card. You don’t want to hand over the URL so easily. Because you know that 1) Your website doesn’t match the upscale look you’re going for and 2) Your website doesn’t DO the work you want it to.

Look, your DIY website was cute and all. But the last time you loved it, like really loved it, was in the stone ages of your business.

Your website can look great, feel great, AND work for you. Seriously.

Lindsay was absolutely incredible! She took my idea and made it into something beautiful. As an artist, I feel like I constantly nit-pick everything and she was very willing to make even the smallest changes for me. Her response time is also unheard of.
Elizabeth G

Let it grow with you.

Quality for now. AND luxury for later.

I’m not a betting woman. But if I was, I’d be willing to bet on a few things about you:


How’d I do? Did I take the whole pot?

The thing is that your website can be all of this.

And not just for what works right now. Because my favorite thing is the whole damn world is creating something that looks amazing, feels amazing, and grows with you.

Because you shouldn’t be growing in and out of websites like old pairs of underwear. Your website should be growing with you. As your business grows. As your impact strengthens. As you become the next version of you.

The Next Evolution of Your Website

Here is how we can do the damn thing. We just gotta customize it so it works for you.


A unique, DFY 5 or more page custom-made website created in four to six weeks that will increase your visibility + engagement. You get the design. You get the creativity. You get the polished look so that you and your team can grow. 

Starting at $7,500


A curated five page website designed in five to six weeks. This option includes a membership site for your clientele for your licensed products and services. Includes a year of WordPress hosting & Elementor Pro

Starting at $10,000

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is included in the 6 months of support?

We know that analyzing data and adjusting your website to improve your metrics is key when it comes to increasing visibility & engagement. For 6 months we will analyze your data, set quarterly goals, strategize and execute changes to your site to continually improve you UX and engagement. 

Is the 6 months of support optional?

Ok friend, here is the honest truth, a website is not a one and done/ set it and forget tool for your business. You have to read the metrics to perfect it into a marketing machine. To do that you need someone whose sole purpose is to monitor, analyze and improve your site. You wouldn’t buy a car and never get it maintenance? 

Do I have to have my own hosting?

No, We we provide website hosting through Flywheel. I told you, we got you.

How do you create no code sites?

We use Elementor Pro on all our website builds. This plugin transforms WordPress into a visually edited platform that makes it easy for you to maintain once your 12 months is up, but you can keep us on the team longer 🙂 

Are premium plugins a separate cost?

No, premium plugins are not a separate cost. We will factor in what you need when we have our initial consultation and factor it into your over all price. 

If my site is on another platform can it just be migrated to WordPress?

No, unfortunately the various web design platforms do not allow you to transfer from one to another. Your site will have to be completely rebuilt. With that being said, a migration and a design are the same as it pertains to cost. 

How much is a consultation?

We do not charge for consultations. These brief meetings are designed to give you information about the process, understand your expectations, and develop a plan for us to work together.

How much is it to get started?

There is a 20% deposit that is required to book your design project. The remaining design balance will be split into two payments and the maintenance will be a monthly fee. 

WordPress doesn’t have to be a mess anymore.

Say goodbye to being stuck in the past. And hello to a website that will work with you and for you. Here. Now. And in the future.

Just bring your business and vibe to me. I’ll take care of the rest.
Oh, and the words. We need the words for the whole thing to come together beautifully. If you happen to need a copywriter, I’ve got a few names on hand I’m happy to hand out.