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How Cécred Uses Their Story

Cécred by Beyonce launched today and I want to talk about it from a CX standpoint and how Bey and her team are leveraging the story to bring people in.

To start, an email went out to let you know the store was live and that is always a good thing. I am always up before the rooster crows so it was the first thing I saw. This is good for those who are not a part of the hive, but support Bey and want to see what’s going on.

The email was simple, it showed the products with a subject of Cécred is now live. No other words beside the privacy policy and legal stuff.

Of course you have to go in and see what’s happening because……curiosity.

The website has an artistic, visually stunning vibe. It is very much on par with how Bey is with her music. I wouldn’t have expected anything less. The brand story is weave through out the videos and graphics. Let’s break it down.

1. It is not a Beyonce heavy brand. Meaning if you went to the site you are not going to a lot of her. I actually only saw 1 photo in the about section. She made this brand more about the science and the history.

👉🏾People were skeptical about her natural hair and she didn’t make it about her. She leveraged the brand story to sell the products. She talked about her mother and what she learned from her. She actually has a page that is dedicated to the science and research that was poured into the product. It goes beyond the surface level of “my mom was a beautician so I did this thing.” It is my mom planted this seed and I have been nurturing it for years.

2. The name. For black women, hair is an important part of our identity. It is sacred and wash day is a thing. It takes time and it sometimes takes the whole damn day because our hair defies gravity and it a constant topic of discussion amongst friends and those who don’t understand.

👉🏾Naming her product Cécred allowed her to nod to the hair care and experience of black women. Getting your hair done is self care. the Name alone aligns with the brand story.

3. The quiz, there is a quiz to help you discover which products are best for you and your hair goals, how often to use them and the results are saved to your account.

👉🏾This is a new product and people don’t know what to buy. The quiz asks you specific questions about your hair from porosity, curl pattern to density to curate a list of products and frequency of use to help you reach your goals. For 30+ dollars a product, adding a quiz definitely helps with purchasing decisions.

4. The navigation. The header menu has what you need while the footer allows you to get into the nitty gritty. If you are an average consumer you want to shop and know a little bit about the product and that is achieved in the header. The footer has a space for hair care professionals, privacy policy and etc.

👉🏾No confusing people that come for the purchase, get them in and get them and get them out.

Love or hate Bey I think this product was more thought out than the rest of her business ventures. Last thing I purchased from her besides music was House of Dereon jeans, but Cécred got my money today.

No matter what industry you are in, there will always be pivots and lessons learned. CX is constantly evolving and this product is more relatable. I will let ya’ll know how I like the products because we are a Pattern product home.

Will you be checking our Cécred?


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