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One Simple Thing Should Drive Your Design

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Designing for CX is easier than you think. Start here.

Scrolling on my phone at night because I can’t sleep – they say this is so bad for you, yet I do it anyway – I see a reel and it’s super dope and catches my attention. I’m thinking, “I need to buy this!”

I click the link for the website and this is where the journey begins.

Imagine Dorothy has just landed in Kansas. That’s me, or any user, and I am ready to ease on down the road! I’m going to be able to follow the yellow brick road or not? That’s the question and your CX milestones has to be the Tin-man, The Lion and the Scarecrow.

Whether your client has the adventure of a lifetime in brilliant technicolor or ambles on back to Kansas, depends on whether or not your CX Journey has been thrown up in record time or has been well thought through and is a lean, mean selling machine. That’s what you want. Cause that smells like money.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and I can tell in seconds which bucket it falls into. Lean and Mean or going back to Kansas.

Here’s how you know.

Ask yourself, is the next step I’m supposed to take clear? No matter where people are entering in your business ecosystem, they need to know what to do next. You know why? Because when the step is clear, they don’t ask, they just do – click on a “Buy Now!”, join the email list, book a meeting. When it is unclear they jump off the yellow brick road and fall asleep in the field of poppy flowers.

Look at your customer experience journey: What happens after they oil up the Tin-man, do they receive an email, does something popup to tell them to check their email. All these are ways of giving the visitor – YOU – something to do next.

Of course, the next step depends on whether you’re selling coaching, shampoo, a VPN service. Ask yourself: is a one-and-done sale or is this the start of a relationship you’ll nurture? What do you want them to do … next and what is going to allow them to ease on down your client experience journey?

This is why customer experience matters. You don’t consciously think about any of these, but you are interested, and if the site is working, it will lead you to the next step as clear as a yellow brick road. Click those shoes, and rock on!

If you help brainstorming ways to make your customer experience a lean, mean selling machine instead of asking “Why is this not working!?” I can help.

Let’s talk!


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