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Brown Suga Wellness

A coaching company for women of color teaching them how to become wealthy without sacrificing their wellness. 



feedback showed a trend of people not understanding how the company could assist them based on visuals not matching copy. Internal audit supported the feedback of the clients and presented a starting point for development

Dev System

We developed CX entry points and how each point is going to navigate people through the phases of the journey. We also created opportunities for clients to become emerged in the brand.


A 4 phase CX journey
5 Page website
Aligned colors based on color theory
Streamlined tech stack
Simplified transaction process
Developed keywords and content buckets to improve visibility and convertions

Mapped out client journey from begining to end to ensure that we maximized customer touch points

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You are magical lady!! I love it.
Black woman smiling in street with white tank top. Her green blazer is hung from a pole.
Daisy Jones-Brown
Business Coach

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