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Customer experience Strategy

Idem Spark: B2B sales and consulting agency.



People were showing interest on social media, but they would get lost on the website. Acquired misaligned clients and message confusion. Needed to improve the impact the site had on transactions.


Streamline the client experience journey and to leverage the quiz to qualify clients. Use the quiz results to create a journey that is aligned with their needs.

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Web Data

Monitor heatmaps of the best place to add quiz CTA. removed blog post that were no longer aligned with the message of the brand to stop attracting the wrong clients. Monitored data during large marketing events.


Created clearly define pages that were infused with key words to increase the organic traffic to the site.

A bold CX journey for three different audiences to help navigate them through their individual client experience.

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All the work is paying off, we are now reaching the right people & converting them.
Anniedi Essien
Chief Swagger Officer

The Customer Experience Strategy Journey

We collaborated with the Idem Spark for the past 6 months to create a customer experience strategy.

We began by setting goals for the customers and how we want to move them through the website. One of the key areas in the strategy is identifying where they were acquiring traffic from and at what point was the company loosing their potential clients. 

A revamp of the Idem spark website layout proved that a more aligned and customer centric site created more website conversions. 

We also acquired vanity URLs to simplify the call to action when appearing on guest PR and marketing marketing platforms. 

This is an ongoing customer experience strategy that has given Idem spark an improved conversion rate and an increase of qualified leads.

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