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The Truth About Canva: Love it or Hate it

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Canva is a valuable tool for creating cohesive branding. With Canva’s pro package, users can easily upload their brand elements such as colors and special fonts, ensuring consistency across various designs and materials. Overall, Canva provides a user-friendly platform for creating visually appealing and cohesive branding materials and I love it for that.

Now I know a few people are going to try to call me a hater after this paragraph, but I have been called worse. First let me acknowledge that Canva does have a website option, check it out. While Canva offers many great features, it is not be the best tool for creating multi-page, SEO-friendly websites, particularly for those aiming to establish themselves as experts.

At the time when this episode was recorded, Canva lacked the capability to create multi-page websites that are SEO-friendly. I am not saying that they won’t add these features in the future, but as of the episode’s date (March 22nd, 2023), it’s not available

If you insist on using it because you are a new business owner, I get it. I think it  is suitable for creating quick landing pages or one-page sites. Canva has evolved between season 1 and 2 of More Than A Brand. For example, they did not offer mobile-friendly websites and now they do. 

While certain elements and the website’s name can be optimized for search engines, Canva does not provide overall SEO functionality. Ya’ll know how I feel about leveraging SEO to drive  traffic to a website, it is a must. Solely relying on Canva for its ease and affordability may not be the best choice for professionals aiming to boost their website visibility. .

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