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CX development

Culture Refinery, a consulting collective that is cultivating culture for executive leaders and creating space for DEI. 



A five page website custom designed by Fierceified Creative & Consulting. This site was created to attract corporate clients.


We are integrated into the CR team and provide website updates to include plugins and page revamps.

Dev System

We worked closely with the OBM and the rest of the CR team to implement systems and workflows on the site that work cohesively.

Web Data

We monitor web data for CR to suggest changes and updates to constantly improve conversion rates and the return on investment.

Beautiful and functional design developed to stand out from competition .

Her eye for design is unmatched and I am certain I have the most beautiful consulting website ever.
Denitresse Ferrell
Principal Founder

The CX Development Journey

We have collaborated with the Culture Refinery team for 24 months. We began with creating the CX journey from the infancy stages of the company to now helping them grow to becoming visible on the third page of Google from organic search. As the company redefines who they are and who they serve, we have provided them with a 90 day plan to see more organic traffic.