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Website visibility: social media, SEO, network

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I know somebody is going to argue with me on this point, but SEO alone is not sufficient for achieving the level of website visibility that you desire. Relying solely on organic search is not enough either.

 To truly succeed in business, you must focus on being visible. Ya’ll know I believe that your website is the heartbeat or the nucleus of your business and it is your duty to ensure that the right people are visiting.

I build web strategy based on the visibility trifecta for my clients and if you want a taste of what that looks like, grab our visibility course by clicking the image below. If you don’t want to jump on a course right now, keep reading.

What is the visibility trifecta? It’s three pillars used simultaneously to increase the visibility of your website while improving your brand awareness. The three pillars are:

  1. Social Media
  2. SEO
  3. Network

Let’s talk a little more about leveraging social media. Social media is often the go-to platform for businesses because it is easy to access. It offers instant gratification through likes and shares, which can boost your self-esteem. However, the organic reach on social media platforms can be hit or missed depending on how “Al” is feeling.  

To maximize website visibility, social media should be used strategically as part of a broader visibility strategy. For example, instead of sharing entire blog posts on social media, I advise providing teasers and directing users to the website for more information. 

The goal is to entice users to leave the social media platform and explore the website, thereby increasing visibility. Caution “Al” isn’t a fan of that tactic on some platforms.

The second component of the visibility trifecta is SEO. While many people associate SEO primarily with keyword optimization, there are other critical factors to consider. Backlinks, for example, play a significant role in SEO and can be leveraged through your network. By having links to your website on other platforms, such as podcasts or guest blogs, you drive traffic to your site without the effort. This increases visibility and establishes credibility.

The last, but often forgotten piece of the trifecta is leveraging one’s network to enhance website visibility. By collaborating with others and utilizing their platforms, you can tap into their network’s audience and expand their reach. (like those backlinks I was talking about earlier)

This can be achieved through speaking events, sponsorships, or participating in joint ventures. By leveraging their network, individuals can generate traffic in real life too. It doesn’t always have to be a virtual event. It’s ok to go outside and talk to people for real. 

By leveraging social media strategically, optimizing SEO, and utilizing your network, your business can improve your website visibility and ultimately achieve your business goals.


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