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Website Data Drives Strategic Decisions

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Here she go again talking about data, you’re damn right(lol)

We all love “easy” options, but it’s time to retire the Google form for registration. Using platforms like Google Forms causes you to miss out on important information about audience behavior. 

Using a real website hosted on a platform with analytical tools can help you determine if that form isn’t resonating with your audience or maybe it’s the location of the opt in.

Don’t get me wrong, a Google Form has a time and a place, like when you are new and growing your business. However, when you are scaling it to the next level you need the data to start making decisions based on data and not feelings. 

Scaling requires a strategic approach and a focus on using time and resources efficiently.

Using the website as the heartbeat of the business, businesses are forced to start thinking strategically about design and functionality and evolve from redesign based on personal opinion. 

Designing based on feelings lead to wasting time, energy, and money on design elements that may not align with the goals of the business.

FYI all data and metrics are not created equally, some just make you feel good. For example, it ‘s not enough to simply have a high number of views on a website, unless more views is one of your goals. 

You need to understand how many people are actually interacting with the site and how many are converting, that is how you scale. Vanity metrics, such as the number of views, do not provide meaningful insights into the effectiveness of a website. Instead, businesses should focus on metrics that indicate engagement and conversions.

If you are struggling with your website data, I invite you to book a website audit. Click here to see more information. 


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