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Avoiding Costly Mistakes in Website Design

When it comes to diving into WordPress, it is crucial to prepare and research beforehand. Just like the contestants on the reality TV show “Too Hot to Handle,” who faced consequences for their impulsive actions, individuals who jump into WordPress without understanding its nuances can find themselves in a similar predicament.

In the podcast episode, Do Know What You’re Getting Into, I describe how the contestants on “Too Hot to Handle” were warned about the consequences of their actions. Despite this, some individuals still made conscious decisions to do whatever they wanted, resulting in financial penalties for the entire group. Similarly, individuals who enter the world of WordPress without proper knowledge and preparation may face unexpected challenges and costs.

One of the key differences between WordPress and other website design platforms like Squarespace or Kajabi is that WordPress is a client management system, while platforms like Kajabi are primarily learning management systems. Understanding this distinction is crucial when deciding to use WordPress. It is essential to mentally prepare oneself for the differences in functionality and the tools needed to navigate WordPress effectively.

Additionally, individuals often overlook the various hosting options available for WordPress. Unlike platforms like Squarespace or Kajabi, which have a single hosting provider, WordPress offers multiple hosting platforms to choose from. This variety can be overwhelming for beginners, but it is important to research and consult with professionals to determine the best hosting option for specific needs. Some of my favorite hosting platforms are Flywheel and Kinsta.

Furthermore, individuals should be aware that hosting providers may not provide comprehensive backup services. This episode highlights the importance of integrating a backup plugin to ensure the safety of website data. This detail emphasizes the need for thorough research and understanding of the hosting provider’s capabilities and limitations.

Overall, the lesson learned from the podcast and the reality TV show is the importance of preparation and research before diving into WordPress. Just as the contestants on “Too Hot to Handle” faced financial consequences for their actions, individuals who enter the world of WordPress without proper knowledge and understanding may encounter unexpected challenges and costs. By taking the time to educate oneself about the nuances of WordPress, including its functionality and hosting options, individuals can avoid costly mistakes and ensure a successful website-building experience.

Listen to the entire episode here.


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