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Is WordPress good?- Uncovering the power of WordPress

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This episode emphasizes the importance of choosing a website platform that aligns with your long-term goals and needs. Inside the “Build A Website That Can Grow With You” episode I recommend against making decisions based solely on present circumstances or immediate requirements. You do plan on growing right?

The question of “is wordpress good?” looms through business world because people have a love/hate relationship with the popular website builder. Rightfully so, WordPress was hard when if first started. Ya’ll know I love a good analogy, so let’s start with one. Let’s compare choosing a website builder to choosing a house. When we moved into our current house, it wasn’t perfect, but it had the necessary structure and space for us to grow into it. Was the house “good” hell yeah it was good for my family.

Similarly, when selecting a website platform, it is crucial to choose one that provides the flexibility and tools needed to evolve and adapt to future changes. That is what WordPress gives you. 

To answer the question “Is WordPress Good? ”

In a nutshell, WordPress gives you several options such as the ability to run an evergreen course. They suggest that if you anticipate offering such a course in the future, where you won’t have to be a practitioner or engage in extensive one-on-one work, it is vital to choose a platform that aligns with this goal. WordPress allows for the creation of learning and community environments on your website, enabling you to expand and diversify your offerings over time.

By selecting a platform that provides the necessary tools and flexibility for growth, you can ensure that your website can evolve and adapt as your goals and needs change.

Look friend, if you choose the right platform for your website from the beginning you can build your SEO and keep it. What do I mean by that?  Switching platforms for example from Wix to WordPress, can negatively impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

While there are ways to salvage your SEO when switching platforms, it is not a guaranteed solution. Therefore, it is crucial to choose wisely and consider the long-term goals and needs of your website. Ya’ll know I wouldn’t steer you wrong. 

WordPress is good because it is a blank canvas, like an unfinished basement. You can create whatever kind of space you want. What would you do with unlimited options?

Listen to our Podcast episode to dive deeper into this topic.


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