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How Customer Experience Design Influences Your Business

Customer experience is essential in today’s business landscape, but what is CX? To the average business owner, it sounds like another acronym in business alphabet soup. Another thing to check the box on in the mix of UX, UI, and CX. However it is key to shifting the loyalty and longevity of your client relationship. Let’s unravel the mystery and discuss the differences between user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and customer experience (CX).

Let’s break it down….

User Interface:

UI focuses on the visual aspects of a platform. What does it look like and how the pages are arranged to give the best user experience possible. When you are looking at the UI process you will go through things like fonts, colors and how people will connect with the platform emotionally. UI and UX go together hand in hand, but let’s see what differentiates the two.

User Experience

UX delves deeper into data, analytics, and research to create the best user experience. It answers questions like “do you need this button here” or “are we introducing this bit of information too early in the interaction.” UX works at a higher level to ensure that the overall experience for the client is seamless where as UI is more focused on how it looks. See our example of how we intwine UX and UI with our clients.

And then there is CX…… This is my favorite.

Client Experience

CX, on the other hand, encompasses the entire customer journey, including the before, during, and after the transaction. CX also delves into employee experiences because employees are key to helping you create unforgettable client experiences.

When we focus on the entire client experience UX and UI are encompassed. Focusing on CX puts you ahead of your peers.

Diagram of how CX includes UX and UI to make the customer experience seamless.

 Customers want businesses to understand their individual requirements and expectations, while 66% feel they are often treated as numbers.


When Organized Chaos Design Company LLC was created we initially focused on creating visually appealing websites but realized that a holistic approach was necessary. By considering the acquiring piece, transaction piece, and after-fulfillment piece, we discovered that tying all these elements together created a cohesive and satisfying customer experience. The founding of Fierceified positioned us to lean more into the individual pieces for better results/

The value of customer experience design helps businesses reach their goals. It involves analyzing data, feedback, and trends to make informed decisions and improvements. By understanding how customers interact with a brand and identifying areas for enhancement, businesses can optimize their processes and increase customer satisfaction.

CX is never complete. It involves continuous growth and evolution. Customer experience is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process that requires constant evaluation and adjustment.

Customer experience design goes beyond visual aesthetics. Think of it as the entire body of your brand, If your website is the heartbeat, than CX is the nervous system that connects everything together. CX is design, emotions, data, research, and feedback to create a seamless and satisfying journey for customers. By prioritizing customer experience, businesses can enhance their relationships with customers, improve their processes, and ultimately drive success.


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