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Cécred CX Fulfillment Experience

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We like to break Customer experience into phases because CX is a collective of many parts to create an entire experience. The four phases are:

  • Acquisition
  • Transaction
  • Fulfillment
  • Follow-up

There is a blog about the transaction phase that I will link below, but let’s chat about the CX fulfillment phase from my purchase with Cécred. This includes the delivery and the quality of the product delivered.

Delivery Experience

Initial thoughts: Fast delivery but lackluster packaging.

1. The products were at my doorstep in 2 days. I appreciate how fast it was. I didn’t not think it was going to arrive until the weekend. They came faster than a Jimmy Johns sub, I immediately said “ok Beyonce!” Then I opened it…..

2. It was fast, but visually it lacked the luxury that I expected from the product. I expected a custom box or custom paper. Not the plain brown box filled with recycled paper. It did not align with a sacred wash day ritual experience that is weaved throughout the brand story. It gave more of a “let’s get this shit done” vibe.

3. The bottles looked like they did on the website, I have no complaints about that. The products smell like salon products not the fragrance of most black hair care products. It stays true to the brand story of “We started with black hair but made a multi cultural product”

The lesson from a CX fulfillment delivery standpoint is to keep all parts aligned with the underlining tone of the product. If the brand vibe is luxury and one of a kind experience, the packaging should support. You can’t be luxury with table scrap packaging.

Quality of Product

Initial thoughts: Everything has good consistency, not too runny.

I’m in love with the Clarifying Shampoo and Scalp Scrub. It has great lather and leaves my scalp clean with out leaving my hair feeling dry. The nozzle top allows you to get to the scalp easily wich is a huge plus!

If your scalp is anything like mine you can have 1 extra coffee in a week and it will start to get flakey, the nozzle is a must have.

One con is the word scrub in the title. I did not feel any beads or texture inside the product that would classify it as a scrub. That wasn’t a deal breaker for me, but from an overall customer experience standpoint you should make sure the name aligns. You shouldn’t call it a scrub, if it isn’t really a scrub.

2. Hydrating Shampoo it was cool. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but it did its job. I will say my hair felt soft after the shampoo. The feedback for this product is lackluster because I used the deep conditioner immediately after. So is it the shampoo or the conditioner 🧐 that gives the final results.

3. The Deep conditioner has a great texture and after 30 minutes of sitting my hair is left feeling full of moisture and soft. You don’t need globs of this stuff thick hair girlies. Even without using a leave in to follow it up. Using this conditioner forces me to slow down and take a breathe because it requires that amount of time.

The overall product experience was a 8/10 because although the scrub was great, it didn’t give scrub. Words have meaning. The other two products met expectations, but they did not go above and beyond. Although Cécred is founded by queen Bey herself, it is still a new product. I look forward to the growth.

To read my insights from the transaction phase of Cécred, click here.


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