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G Ann's cold pressed juices

CX development case study for a small pressed juice company in Atlanta, GA



The company needed tools to give virtual customers a similar experience to those who purchase locally. They also wanted the brand to feel familiar and friendly when compared to competitors. Lastly they needed to streamline the buying process.

Journey map

We mapped out missing touch points to give a base line of where to began improving CX. Solutions had to be customer centric while meeting company goals.

Woman on screen holding a orange squeezing out the juice.


we worked closely with the brand development team to create a cohesive visual experience across all platforms. This included preferred shot for the website.

Dev System

We developed a video strategy & implemented a video service to help customers understand how to care for the product. We also implemented automated text services to improve how the customers experienced the brand.

Revamped the website to give a cohesive, bold, web experience.

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woman in black athletic wear holding a bottle of juice wearing gold jewelry and a colorful jacket..

Feedback from her customers about the improved CX

Improved Communication

I love that I am staying informed with shipping updates every step of the way.

Purchase Points

Having a login to track my points helps influences my purchases, especially since I can use points towards other purchases.

Ease of Use

It is easer to make purchases and it is extremely straight forward.

G Ann’s Road To Improved CX

To achieve these results and improve CX took months of implementation. The goal is to do a gradual change on how you interact with your customers to give you time to receive feedback and make updates. This helps them to become a part of the solution. Tiffany was transparent with her customers and she built a relationship with them where they trust her process prior to us working with her.  

Not having customer feedback during the CX  improvement process  a waste of resources.  Completely overhauling without customer buy in causes a loss in money, time and sometimes customers. 

We implemented the automated text messaging first. To be fully  transparent, they were not perfect when we first rolled them out.  Customer experience design is a  cycle of  brainstorm, implement, test, gather, and adjust. We took the feedback we received from the customers and from G Ann’s Juices and revamped process.

We later added video to create an educational opportunity for the customers. CX is also about how you treat customers after the purchase. Don’t be a hit it an quit it business, continue to have touch points.

Lastly we rolled out the website. Within 24 hours we received feedback on how customers enjoy the new interface and layout. Your transaction point or website can break all the work you did to acquire your customers. To learn mora about how we can help improve your CX, click here to complete a contact card. 

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